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Region One Accountability ratings outperform most of State 

Ninety-five percent of school systems receive high performing ratings, 45% all “A”  

The Region One Education Service Center (ESC) recently congratulated the school systems it serves for outperforming their state peers in the 2021-2022 Texas Education Agency (TEA) Accountability Ratings. Plaques commemorating this success were presented to Superintendents on Aug. 18 after the annual Public Hearing Report was presented, which highlighted this work. 

“We are extremely proud of our school systems for always keeping the education and well-being of our students throughout the Region as their top priority,” said Region One ESC Executive Director Dr. Daniel P. King. “Data shows us the incredible work they did to rebound after COVID, so they could continue to be a leader in the State in terms of educational attainment and student progress. Thanks to this work and this year’s success, we are on target for a more resilient future!” 

Data presented during the Public Hearing showed a steady increase in progress within a three-year period starting in 2017, matching or outperforming State progress, but it also showed a decline during the COVID shutdown (2020) with figures improving a year later to ultimately reach this year’s ratings. 

With the latest release of accountability ratings, 95% of Region One ESC school systems rated high performing (“A” and “B” ratings combined), with the State topping at 87%. In terms of campuses, Region One ESC outperformed all other Regions in the State by having a total of 49% of its campuses rated “A”. 

Twenty school systems within the Region received an “A” Rating and 22 received a “B” Rating. 

“This is a remarkable feat, and it could have not been possible without the hard work of Teachers, Support Staff, Campus, and District Administration and of course our School Boards who supported their Superintendent and Leadership Teams as they ensured a powerful and equitable recovery,” said Dr. Judith M. Solis, Region One ESC Deputy Director for Administrative Leadership, School/Community Support. 

Region One ESC school systems also rated at the top in percentage of Eligible Districts Earning Postsecondary Distinctions with 37% of them receiving this accolade.  

“Thanks to the outstanding achievement performance results within our Region, our school systems are once again on top either outperforming the State or really close to reaching that milestone again,” said Dr. Cris Valdez, Region One ESC Deputy Director for Instructional Leadership and School Improvement. “As TEA Commissioner recently stated, these results show the investment our school systems made in the post-pandemic academic recovery, and we are looking forward to even more gains as we continue on this upward trajectory.” 


Published 8/25/22