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Region One ESC GEAR UP Students Prepare for High School, Post-Secondary Education

The Region One GEAR UP Program welcomed its 9th grade LASER cohort back to school with an all-day high school preparation session, held Aug. 30, 2023 at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance.

Students engaged in sessions on how to best navigate high school and position themselves for post-secondary success.

Webb CISD GEAR UP Facilitator Sandra Davila said the learning came at a key time for students as they set the tone for their high school education.

“It is critical that students build good habits early,” Davila said. “As freshmen, these students are learning the importance of strong study habits and the impact they can have on their future.”

Students also got a head start on how they can prepare themselves for scholarship opportunities and the FAFSA Application.

“The stuff we’re learning about, especially financial aid and time management, will help me now and in the future,” Brownsville ISD freshman Roel Zuniga said. “I’m in advanced classes, so I’ll be applying a lot of the tips, such as utilizing a planner.”

According to Region One ESC STEM Specialist Beatrize Valenzuela, participating students will engage in medical work-based simulations to explore career pathways and gain an understanding of the medical profession.

“In the future, students will continue building on their medical experience through hands-on learning sessions with medical professionals,” Valenzuela said. “Additionally, students will add first aid and CPR certifications to their resume.”

About Region One GEAR UP LASER:

The Leaders in the Advancement of Science, Education & Research (LASER) Program is a rigorous four-year initiative for students who are interested in pursuing careers in health care, STEM and/or clinical research. Selected students participate in expansive career preparation activities that will equip them with self-confidence and leadership skills. 

The learning opportunity is a component of a collaborative program by Region One ESC and the DHR Health Institute for Research and Development. The program introduces students to the day-to-day operations of health care professionals through simulations and interactions with medical experts.