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Region One ESC promotes esports among educators

The Region One Education Service Center (ESC) Division of Technology Solutions hosted its 2nd Annual Esports Summit to assist schools in developing K-12 esports programs on Sept. 29 at the Region One ESC Conference Center in Edinburg.

Esports coaches, educators and advocates held informational sessions on the benefits of esports, careers in gaming, streaming, shoutcasting and more.

Region One ESC Distance Learning Specialist David Rivera said esports has grown in the region since the division launched its esports initiative.

“We’re seeing a lot more schools open their doors to esports,” Rivera said. “Now, elementary schools are creating programs, which is assisting in building a pathway for students to game throughout their education.”

The summit showcased the Los Fresnos CISD program to encourage esports in elementary schools, underscoring its impact on early childhood.

“I decided to join esports because I witnessed other people participate, and it looked like so much fun,” said Ramiro Gracia, a student at Olmito Elementary. “I am also thrilled to be part of a club that includes both boys and girls.”

Gracia said he hopes to apply for an esports scholarship when he enters high school.

Alfirio Trejo, an 11th grade physics teacher at Edinburg CISD, said Region One provides a lot of opportunities for schools to network and access scholastic esports resources.

“Region One helps K-21 esports grow by hosting in-person competitions, along with different trainings that highlight the importance of implementing esports in schools,” Trejo said. “Esports is important to attendance and mental health. It is a place for students who do not have a traditional outlet, such as band or sports. These students are looking for something to belong to, and esports fills that gap.”

The division will host its R1 Esports Fall Tournament for students on Dec. 16, 2023. For more information about the Region One ESC Esports Initiative, visit