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New Teachers' Support Academy - Fall 2021 Dates in Edinburg & Laredo

New Teachers' Support Academy
Meeting the Unique Needs of the New Teacher

The first few years for a new teacher are crucial! Building a sustained system of new teacher supports minimizes teacher turnover and develops an educator talent pool that intentionally ensures students learn from a series of effective teachers. New teachers will experience exceptional support through a series of five professional learning sessions and enhanced by face-to-face or online and print resources.

Critical areas of support include:

* Effective Classroom Environment: managing time, space, and materials
* Addressing student behavior and working with parents
* Instructional design and delivery
* Learning and assessment for ALL students
* Professionalism and Ethics

Participants will have an opportunity to network with fellow cadre members and receive feedback from Region One ESC specialists.


Be a part of the Fall 2021 Cohort Group! Two attendance & Two Locations are available: 

Cohort begins August 11, 2021
Cohort begins August 18, 2021   Presented by Laredo Extension Office, but open to all!

Virtual Sessions
Cohort begins August 14, 2021
Cohort begins August 25, 2021  Presented by Laredo Extension Office, but open to all!


LEARN MORE-Download your NTA Informational Brochure here!

LEARN MORE-Download your NTA Information Brochure-LAREDO OFFERINGS here!


Questions or Concerns regarding Edinburg Location, contact:

Liana Lopez, Coordinator or (956) 984-6154

Dalia Gracia, Program Assistant or (956) 984-6242

Kelly VanHee, Administrator or (956) 984-6242


Questions or Concerns regarding Laredo Location, contact:

Rey Alejandro, Specialist or (956) 795-0000

Sylvia Gamez, Program Assistant or (956) 795-0000

Dr. Darlene Rogers, Director or (956) 795-0000