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New Teachers' Support Academy - Fall 2022 Dates

New Teachers' Support Academy
Meeting the Unique Needs of the New Teacher

The first few years for a new teacher are crucial! Building a sustained system of new teacher supports minimizes teacher turnover and develops an educator talent pool that intentionally ensures students learn from a series of effective teachers. New teachers will experience exceptional support through a series of five professional learning sessions and enhanced by face-to-face or online and print resources.

Critical areas of support include:

* Effective Classroom Environment: managing time, space, and materials
* Addressing student behavior and working with parents
* Instructional design and delivery
* Learning and assessment for ALL students
* Professionalism and Ethics

Participants will have an opportunity to network with fellow cadre members and receive feedback from Region One ESC specialists.

Fee: $550 per participant. Includes all 5 online sessions (online or face to face), networking, and instructional resources. 

CPEs: 30 CPEs available after completing all sessions. 


Face to Face Sessions Workshop #: 227701
Day 1: August 10, 2022 (Make-up day will be held virtually on September 10, 2022)
Day 2: September 14, 2022
Day 3: September 28, 2022
Day 4: October 12, 2022
Day 5: October 16, 2022

Virtual Sessions   Workshop #: 227508 (held on Saturday)
Day 1: August 13, 2022 (Make-up session to be held on September 10, 2022_
Day 2: September 17, 2022
Day 3: October 1, 2022
Day 4: October 22, 2022
Day 5: November 5, 2022



LEARN MORE-Download your NTA Informational Brochure here!

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Questions or Concerns regarding Edinburg Location, contact:

Liana Lopez, Director or (956) 984-6154

Dalia Gracia, Program Assistant or (956) 984-6242

Kelly VanHee, Administrator or (956) 984-6242