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Mentoring and Coaching Academy - Fall Dates!

Mentoring and Coaching Academy
Being an Effective Mentor of Beginning Teachers


Why invest in this academy?
Mentoring is a different skill than teaching and is the crucial element in a comprehensive induction program. This four-day academy provides mentors the content, process, and context for creating a system of support to best help them assist beginning teachers.

Perhaps your most valuable resource in retaining quality teachers, the MENTOR plays a vital role! Mentors are part of a systemic induction program to retain beginning teachers and increase the quality and commitment of all educators.


Session Content: 

* Effective Mentoring Partnerships
* Coaching through Lesson Planning and Learning Environments
* Coaching through Formative Assessment Practices
* Data-Driven Instruction


Cohort Group begins September 25, 2021
In an effort to meet the demands of educator schedules; this academy will be offered as a Hybrid. Participants will have the opportunity to attend virtually or face to face. Upon registration, please select the online or in-person option.


Questions or Concerns, contact:

Liana Lopez, Coordinator or (956) 984-6154

Dalia Gracia, Program Assistant or (956) 984-6242

Kelly VanHee, Administrator or (956) 984-6242

LEARN MORE- Download your copy of the Mentor Academy Informational Brochure here!