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Brainy Brunch Broadcasts - Multiple Dates!

Brainy Brunch logoBrainy Brunch Broadcasts
A partnership of the Region One ESC-Office of Special Education
& the Partners Resource Network


  • Join us for quick 1-hour virtual presentations from the comfort of your own learning environment!
  • Each segment will be led by experts in the area of Special Education!
  • To attend any of the sessions, simply register online at using the appropriate workshop number to receive access to the zoom link for the day’s event!
  • Interact with the segment host via chat! Every broadcast will include a dedicated 30-minute Q & A opportunity where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the day’s topic!
  • Door prizes are to be awarded at the end of each broadcast!
  • It’s free!

Download the Brainy Brunch Schedule Here!

 Register at using the corresponding workshop number.


Questions, please contact: 

Dr. Carolina Campos
Special Education Coordinator/TEA-ESC Liaison
(956) 984-6205 *

Elizabeth Alvarez
Region One Special Education Specialist
956) 984-6176 *

Maria Cordero
Regional Coordinator, Partners Resource Network
(956) 477-9523 *