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Upcoming Trainings in Laredo Area!

Advanced Eduational Leadership (AEL)

AEL Training Dates & Registration Information

This session is organized to assist administrators with the implementation of T-TESS. Participants of AEL will recognized the relationship between the seven (&) strands of school leadership and five (5) conceptual themes. IDL or AEL is a "co-requisite" for teacher appraisal. 



GEAR UP CoRE Teacher Academy

GEAR UP CoRE Teacher Academy Information

The intended audience for this academy is 8th grade core content educators on GEAR UP campuses who will teacher the 8th grade GEAR UP cohort students during the 2019-2020 school year. 


SPED Literacy Acadmy Workshops

SPED-Literacy Academies Student Support Modules Registration Information

These full day sessions are for teachers who attended the Texas Literacy Academies during the summer of 2016, 2017, or 2018. These sessions will increase the knowledge of elementary teacheer on research-based practices to provide intensive literacy instruction for students who experience severe difficulties in learning to read and write, including students with reading-related learning disorders and dyslexia; 2. support the literacy instruction of students with disabilities.