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    Campuses and districts should not post access information
    to any of the resources below!

       Single-sign on eResource management system
       Will automatically log you into all cooperative databases with exception
        of Brain Hive. 

    BrainPOP Jr.  
    BrainPOP Espanol  
    BrainPOP Francais  
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    Gale Testing & Education Reference Center w/Career Module  
    BrainPOP Creative Coding Logo  (Teacher must have Educator
    Acct to access)


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     TexQuest    State Funded Databases
    Provided to cooperative

    district/charter members only

    English & Spanish 

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    eBook Collections and
    Learning Express

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     General Content All Levels

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      Video for All Levels


    Articles and Websites for K-8

     ProQuest SIRS Discoverer


    Book & Author Resources


      TexQuest Resource Guide    


    Private Schools have access to all resources above except TexQuest databases:  EBSCO, Gale Cengage Learning, and ProQuest SIRS Discoverer.
    (Britannica School, Learn360 & TeachingBooks is provided by the cooperative) 

     Image--Britannica School Ediiton            Britannica Spanish Reference Center: Escolar Online              Britannica Spanish Reference Center: Enciclopedia Moderna

    Britannica Fundamentsl               Image--Learn360             TeachingBooks.net





    Yearly Fees
    School Districts - $3.20 per student enrollment
    Charter Schools - $3.20 per student enrollment
    Private Schools - $3.20 per student enrollment ($550.00 minimum)



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